Ready to get started clicker training your own cat? Watch our video tutorials below. (More to come!) We recommend that you watch #1 through #7 in order, then the others as you wish.

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1. What is clicker training?

2. How to get a behavior: Shaping

3. How to get a behavior: Luring

4. How to get a behavior: Capturing

4a. Combining Methods

5. Adding a verbal cue

6. Priming the clicker

7. Teach the First Behavior: Targeting

8. Teach Your Cat to Spin

9. Teach Your Cat to Sit

Teaching Your Cat to Enter His Carrier

Coal is a 7-month-old kitty being shaped to voluntarily enter a carrier. This is the first step to teaching your cat to tolerate travel.

Helping a Cat Learn to Enjoy Handling

Punky is a 2-year-old cat who is sensitive to being handled and touched. The technique of counterconditioning uses food to replace the negative association of being handled with a positive one.